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Academic detailing involves pharmacists with the Kentucky Pharmacists Association providing key messages on topics related to safe prescribing practices, preventing fatal overdose in patients, using non-stigmatizing language with patients, hepatitis C testing, appropriate interventions to improve access to treatment, and naloxone use and replacement.

Program manager Kristen Blankenbecler, PharmD, is available to provide education to clinicians on safer opioid prescribing, treatment of opioid use disorder, and harm reduction. Visits are always available virtually and in-persons visits will hopefully be possible soon.

To set up a training, contact Kristen via email or phone (502-227-2303).


To view any of the resources, please click on the links.

  1. Safer pain management prescribing practices can help prevent the development of opioid use disorder (OUD) among Kentucky patients

  2. Harm reduction practices in healthcare- both for patients in recovery and those continuing to use drugs- are an important way to prevent secondary negative outcomes.
  3. Medications for OUD are evidence based and represent the most significant treatment opportunity to reduce mortality among Kentuckians with OUD.