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Six local health departments/districts are funded for OD2A minigrants to implement evidence-based, evidence-informed, and/or promising practices to prevent drug overdoses in their jurisdictions.

In collaboration with the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center, each mini-grant forms and maintains a local multidisciplinary data-focused group consisting of community stakeholders, uses local drug overdose and other drug-related data results to implement and evaluate drug overdose prevention interventions, and disseminates the results of the implemented interventions and effective strategies.

Mini-grant Programs

  • The Local Lens is a podcast from the Powell County CARES project. The show goes into Powell County’s experience with the drug epidemic through interviews. The show gathers the perspectives from all kinds of different people who see the opioid crisis differently, so all can have a more holistic view of what is happening everywhere in the community. Click here to listen to the show.