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P1: Surveys of Clinical and Pharmacy Practice Involving Abuse-Deterrent Formulations

Lead: Patricia Freeman, RPh, PhD, FAPhA, FNAP, University of Kentucky (project years 1, 2, and 3)

This study will provide information on key factors that influence abuse-deterrent formulation (ADF) prescribing and dispensing behaviors in Kentucky to better understand the context of ADF utilization in clinical practice. The study will elucidate Kentucky pharmacists’ derivation of days supply and determine the validity of days supply calculations to assist in the interpretation of prescription drug monitoring program data.

P3: Establishment of ADF-Related Opioid Mortality Surveillance System

Lead: Svetla Slavova, PhD, University of Kentucky (project years 1, 2, and 3)

A novel state-specific near-real-time ADF-related opioid mortality surveillance system (AOMSS), based on multiple linked data sources on ADF prescribing, misclassification, abuse, and health outcomes, will provide timely observations and identify potential trends associated with overall ADF prescribing and dispensing, opioid abuse, and clinical condition and outcome-related effects. Using AOMSS data, we will study opioid misuse progression and the role of ADFs in its prevention among the Kentucky Medicaid beneficiary population.



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