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The mission of the Census Bureau is to serve as the nation’s leading source of quality data about the nation’s people and economy.  Through the Census Bureau’s more than 130 surveys and other statistical programs, we continually collect, process, analyze, and distribute data.  In this workshop, we learn how to extract data easily and quickly from the US Census Bureau.  Our focus will not only cover population and race data from the 2020 Decennial Survey, but it will also cover data on a multitude of other topics to include: income, poverty, education, and more. 

Ron Williams serves as a Data Dissemination Specialist with the Census Bureau.  One of Mr. Williams’ key responsibilities is to assist individuals and organizations with the extraction of data from the US Census Bureau.  He is primarily responsible for the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. Mr. Williams has over 25 years of service as a Federal Employee.  He has an extensive background in education, data analysis, and data dissemination.  Mr. Williams became an educator in 1992 and has been actively engaged in education ever since. Mr. Williams and his wife make their home in Nashville, TN.