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a headshot of Julia Costich
Julia Costich
KIPRC Associate Director; Peter P. Bosomworth Professor of Health Services Research
a profile picture of Danita Coulter
Danita Coulter
Educational Services Assistant Senior
Lara Daniels
Photo of Chris Delcher
Chris Delcher
Assistant Professor and Director, Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
a profile picture of Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis
Research Project Coordinator
profile picture of Andrew Farrey
Andrew Farrey
Syndromic Surveillance Epidemiologist
a profile photograph of Ronea Fowler
Ronea Fowler
Data Abstractor
profile picture of doctor Allison Gibson
Allison Gibson
Associate Professor
Image of Jonathan Greene
Jonathan Greene
KIPRC Communications Manager
a profile picture of sarah hargrove
Sarah Hargrove
Program Manager

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