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KY-AVERT a surveillance system to increase the timeliness and availability morbidity data for all firearm injuries regardless of intent, violence-related injuries (including firearm, sexual, interpersonal, youth, intimate partner, intentional self-directed, child abuse, etc), and mental health related conditions.

The KY-AVERT team works with local and statewide agencies, including but not limited to local health departments and community stake holders to disseminate the trends and patterns of violence-related and firearm injuries and mental health conditions to key partners for a timelier response to changes and create more targeted interventions.

The KY-AVERT team utilizes several databases that lend insight into injury patterns in Kentucky including the datasets of emergency department visits, inpatient hospitalizations, death certificates, and emergency medical service.

Program Contact

Program Contact
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Jacqueline Seals
Senior Epidemiologist
2365 Harrodsburg Road Southcreek Building B, Suite B475, Room 340B