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In 2016, an average of 41 people visited a Kentucky hospital every day for a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Of the over 15,000 people who sought treatment for their TBI, 1,034 of those individuals unfortunately died from their injury. In the same year, there were 405 visits to Kentucky emergency departments for a work-related traumatic brain injury. An additional 63 visits resulted in admission to the hospital for a work-related TBI, averaging a stay of 6.1 days, and costing Kentucky companies over $5.2 million.

The Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance (KOSHS) Program has compiled a safety toolkit to address hazards to Kentucky workers that may result in a TBI. This toolkit is meant to be used as a training tool for employers and management staff to ensure their employees are adequately educated and prepared for the common and unforeseen hazards that may result in a life-altering injury to our most important and powerful organ – the brain.

image of a traumatic brain injury location

Fact Sheet

This fact sheet defines what a traumatic brain injury is as well as the symptoms one may have, highlights the most common injuries leading to a TBI in the workplace, and what treatments an individual with a TBI may expect to receive.

Traumatic Brain Injury Fact Sheet, 2019

Hazard Alerts

Hazard Alerts are generally two-sided documents which highlight cases which share a common hazard. These documents briefly recap 2-3 fatality narratives and provide safety recommendations and regulatory guidance for prevention purposes.

TBI Hazard Alert

Fatality Reports

Reports detailing on-site FACE investigations of workplace fatalities which study the pre-event, event, and post-event to uncover potential contributing factors to the death. Safety recommendations are made for prevention of future similar incidents.

Case 1: Paramedic is Struck and Killed While Responding to a Call

Case 2: Mechanic Struck and Killed by Over-Pressurized Suspension Air Spring on Tractor Trailer

Case 3: Dry Wall Supervisor Falls from Unsecured Plank

Fatality Report PowerPoint Presentations

This PowerPoint presentation details the different areas of the brain, what their purpose is, and what may become affected if that section were injured. Feel free to use this presentation for classroom training or toolbox talks.

What Workers Have to Lose: An Introduction to Traumatic Injuries of the Brain and Their Effects

Safety Reports

These safety alerts have bulleted prevention methods pertaining to the OSHA-identified leading causes of traumatic brain injury in the workplace. Please post these where employees may view them.

Assault Safety Alert

Falls Safety Alert

Motor Vehicle Crashes Safety Alert

Struck By Safety Alert

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