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Trucking transportation remains one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, with 23.9 deaths per 100,000 workers, compared to the national average of 3.4 per 100,000 workers for all industries combined. The leading cause of death in the trucking industry is motor vehicle collision. Most motor vehicle collision deaths can be prevented through driver-behavior changes, defensive driving techniques, and routinely ensuring that all components of the truck are in safe operating order.

The Kentucky FACE Program has compiled a safety toolkit to address hazards to large truck drivers on the roadway. This toolkit is meant to be used as a training tool for employers and management staff to ensure that their drivers are adequately prepared for the common and often unforeseen job hazards that occur while in their workplace - our nation's highways.

a digital illustration of a truck outlined in blue

Fact Sheet

This fact sheet highlights key statistics pertaining to motor vehicle crash fatalities involving large trucks at the state and national level.

Large Truck Driver Crash & Injury Statistics, 2014

Hazard Alerts

Hazard Alerts are generally two-sided documents which highlight cases which share a common hazard. These documents briefly recap 2-3 fatality narratives and provide safety recommendations and regulatory guidance for prevention purposes.

Workers Killed While Unloading Cargo from Flatbed Trailers

Semi Drivers Killed due to Rear-End Collisions

Workers Killed due to Driver Distraction

Semi Drivers Killed After Vehicle Rollovers

Fatality Reports

Reports detailing on-site FACE investigations of workplace fatalities which study the pre-event, event, and post-event to uncover potential contributing factors to the death. Safety recommendations are made for prevention of future similar incidents.

Driver Exits Burning Semi-Truck and Falls to His Death*

Tanker Truck Involved in Deadly Crash on Interstate

Grain Truck Driver Killed at Train Crossing*

* Training PowerPoint presentation available

Fatality Report PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations detail the findings of fatality reports. Feel free to use these presentations for classroom-style training or toolbox talks.

Driver Exits Burning Semi-Truck and Falls to His Death

Grain Truck Driver Killed at Train Crossing

Driver Fatigue Digital FACE Story

A video detailing a case in which a driver was tragically killed after falling asleep behind the wheel. Recommendations for prevention are made.

A Semi Driver Dies After Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Operation Safe Driver Week

During Operation Safe Driver Week, held every October, law enforcement agencies across North America engage in heightened traffic safety enforcement and education aimed at combating unsafe driving behaviors by both commercial motor vehicle and passenger-vehicle drivers. Activities are held across the United States, Canada and Mexico with the goal of increasing commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement, safety belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections and driver regulatory compliance.

Click here to visit the CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week homepage