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Falls continue to be a leading cause of deaths in the construction industry in Kentucky and nationwide. In 2021 alone, 372 fall construction workers were killed by a fall to a lower level. In Kentucky in 2021, falls accounted for 43% of fatalities in the construction industry.

Apart from potential serious injury or loss of life, failure to comply with fall-related safety standards can result in costly citations for your business. According to OSHA, Fall protection violations in construction were the number one cited safety violation for all industries combined in fiscal year 2021; ladders violations were third, and fall protection training violations were 6th. 

Talking to your employees on a routine basis about the very real dangers of fall hazards is one of the most effective ways you can prevent falls in your workplace. Please feel free to use the resources provided in the toolkit below to get started.

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a picture of someone helping an injured fellow construction worker

Stats Report: Construction Sector Injuries in Kentucky, 2008-2015

This report analyzes the breakdown of fatal and nonfatal construction injuries and illnesses in Kentucky between the years of 2008 and 2015. Fatal injury totals and proportions are displayed by sector, subsector, and demographic characteristics. Fatal and nonfatal injury rates for KY are compared to US.

Construction Sector Injuries in Kentucky, 2008-2015

Safety Flyers

These safety flyers have bulleted prevention methods pertaining to the OSHA-identified leading causes of fall related deaths in construction. Please post these where employees may view them.

Improper Scaffolding Construction

Misuse of Portable Ladders

Skylights and Floor Holes

Unguarded Protruding Steel Rebars

Falls in Construction Workbook

This training workbook highlights the OSHA-identified leading 4 causes of fall-related injuries in construction. Tips, guidelines, and regulations for fall prevention, as well as real-life case stories are provided. Trainees are presented with learning exercises for each of the four causes, as well as a final quiz.

Preventing Falls in Construction

Preventing Falls in Construction (with answer key)

Falls in Construction - Case Studies (PowerPoint)

This PowerPoint presentation briefly highlights the prevalence of construction fall deaths both nationally and statewide. Two instances of fatalities in Kentucky are highlighted, with opportunities for discussion regarding how they might have been prevented. Use this PowerPoint for classroom-style training or toolbox talks, when possible.

Falls in Construction - Case Studies (PowerPoint - Select 'Read Only')

Falls in Construction - Case Studies (PDF)

Hazard Alert

Please post for employees.

Hazard Alert: Fatal Falls in Construction

En Español

Looking for materials to help assist your Hispanic workers? Refer below to the Stop Construction Falls Campaign website for many fall-prevention resources available in Spanish.

En Español

National Safety Stand Down Week to Prevent Falls in Construction

Held annually in May, the National Safety Stand-Down campaign is a week-long event where construction management are encouraged to hold a pre-shift toolbox talk to discuss how to identify fall hazards on their job, and to have open dialogue on ways to stay safe while working around them. The goal is to prevent falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds by encouraging contractors and employers to plan ahead for safety, provide the right equipment, and ensure proper safety training of each employee.

Click here to visit the Stop Construction Falls website

Click here to visit National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Campaign page

Toolkit Survey

Your feedback on this toolkit is valued. Please remember to take our brief survey.