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Falls through a surface or opening like a skylight killed 62 construction workers in the U.S. in 2021. The Kentucky construction industry has had a recent uptick in deaths caused by falls through skylights. Since 1994, 7 construction workers in Kentucky have died due to falling through skylights. Three of the 7 fatalities occurred during the 10-month period from May 2022 through February 2023.

The Kentucky FACE program has compiled a toolkit to address the serious hazard of working on rooftops near skylights. Most skylights are not designed to withstand the weight and force of a falling worker and one wrong step or loss of balance can end a life. This toolkit is meant to be used as a training tool for employers and safety managers to ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect workers from falls through skylights.

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a photograph of a construction worker surveying a construction site

Hazard Alert (Available in Spanish)

Fatality Reports (Available in Spanish)

The following fatality reports detail the findings of select KY FACE construction fatality investigations of falls through skylights in Kentucky. Recommendations are provided for prevention with each report:

Fatality Case Study Slideshow Presentation (Available in Spanish)

This slideshow presentation highlights a construction fatality caused by a fall through a skylight with recommendations for prevention. Use this slideshow for classroom-style training or toolbox talks.

National Safety Stand Down Week to Prevent Falls in Construction

Held annually in May, the National Safety Stand Down campaign is a week-long event where construction management are encouraged to hold a pre-shift toolbox talk to discuss how to identify fall hazards on their job, and to have open dialogue on ways to stay safe while working around them. The goal is to prevent falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds by encouraging contractors and employers to plan ahead for safety, provide the right equipment, and ensure proper safety training of each employee.

Toolkit Survey

We value your feedback on this toolkit. Please take our brief survey.